Guidelines and Resources for Creating your Own Lessons

Select Your GoalsPlease download the lesson plan template to get you started. Think about your goals for students. What standards will you meet? What will your learning targets be? For most, tracing word meanings and morphology will be found in the Vocabulary Acquisition and Use standard in the Language strand of the Common Core State Standards.
Choose a TextChoose a text of your choice, or you can explore some of the adapted texts at these websites. Most are free to use, but you will need to create an account.
NewselaRead WorksKelly Gallagher’s Article of the Week

Select the Target Word(s)Find one or two morphologically rich words necessary to understand the text. You can use the Academic Word List or the Academic Word Finder from Achieve the Core to help you.

Determine the morpheme you would like to provide instruction on. Here are some links to help you.
Words Their Way
Learn That Word
Scholastic – Most Common Prefixes and Suffixes
Reading First — Virginia DOE
Better Endings List

Instructional Strategies for Reading
Say Something
T-charts for collecting evidence
Text Coding
Chunking and Annotation

Create Games
Word Study Uno
Free Microsoft Office-Based Game Templates